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After receiving a referral about you, we review the information. Only if we are satisfied that we can provide the correct type of care, and safely manage risks, we will contact the person who made the initial referral. This will be to discuss the referral further and to arrange an assessment.

Once we have completed our face-to-face assessment, that will be undertaken adhering to all coronavirus PPE guidelines, we will draft a care package that will include possible costs. We will speak to as many people as possible so that we gain as much information as possible about you, our potential client.

If you are satisfied with our proposal, we will finalise the care plan with you, your relevant family members and relevant healthcare professionals.

We always try to match the most appropriate Carer to individual clients. Once we think we have made the correct choice, we will arrange for you to meet the Carer. If you like the Carer, we deliver additional specialised training as needed. We want our care to be as bespoke and individualised as possible.

If a client doesn’t like a Carer, we will always provide alternative Carers to ensure on-going satisfaction and happiness.
Once the care package begins, a member of our management team will visit you on a regular basis. This is so that we receive feedback from you about what we are doing right, and where we can make improvements.